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Anyuan Pipeline: These heart-warming things make employees happy

"I am very happy to receive such a heart-warming gift for the child today, and I am very grateful for the organization's concern." The joy of Lu Jiang, an operator in the production workshop of Anyuan Pipeline Company, was full of joy.

On August 12, in the company’s conference room, a brief and enthusiastic “Golden Autumn Scholarship” symposium was held. The labor union distributed suitcases to the children of 6 employees who were admitted to colleges and universities. Xu Gang, an employee of the Party and Government Office, said excitedly : "Yesterday, I heard about sending suitcases and Bluetooth anti-lost function. I was very excited. The company union was too thoughtful and made me feel the warmth of the big family."

With the in-depth development of party history learning and education, Anyuan pipeline "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities are also steadily advancing, understanding the problems of the employees’ urgent and worries, and making precise efforts to solve the problems and difficulties for everyone, and truly do everything. In fact, all the things are heart-warming.

In response to the prominent problems that employees have reflected on the management of the canteen, the company listened carefully to the voice of the employees and immediately introduced the "Canteen Management System", which not only improved the standard of working meals, but also established a management and supervision agency to conduct real-time monitoring of food safety, dishes, and environmental sanitation. Supervise and formulate recipes in the cafeteria every week to ensure that the mix is reasonable, nutritious, fresh, and full of flavors and flavors. Supervisors go to the canteen to inspect from time to time, and promptly put forward rectification opinions when problems are found. At the same time, a monthly employee questionnaire survey was organized to score and evaluate the dishes, hygiene, and service of the canteen, and the employee satisfaction rate generally increased. At noon, in the clean and comfortable dining hall, the staff sat full, Su Yong from the technical department looked at the two meat, one vegetarian, and one soup meals in front of him, and said happily: "Now the food is fresh and delicious. It feels really good."

With the advent of the hot summer weather, the company thought about what employees thought, and started from caring for employees, and purchased a heatstroke prevention and cooling gift package for each employee. There were more than 10 kinds of medicines in it, and the employees kept it in their hands and warmed their hearts. . Not only that, starting from mid-June, herbal tea and mung bean porridge will be provided to front-line employees every day, and the activity will continue until September. In July, I purchased 1,300 kilograms of Gaokeng mung bean thinner and sent them to various workshops. In August, I purchased 650 kilograms of large watermelons for employees to taste. The hot summer brought the employees coolness and received unanimous praise from everyone.

In order to invigorate employees' amateur cultural life, the company opened badminton halls and basketball courts, added 500 new books to the employee bookstore, and purchased a set of karaoke professional audio equipment. The employees were smiling. Recently, the situation of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is severe. The company reviewed the situation and took the lead in stocking 4,800 masks, 580 pairs of gloves, 10 bottles of hand sanitizer, and 30 kilograms of disinfectant. It disinfects office areas and public places daily, and treats sales staff who have been away for a long time. Masks are distributed every day, and the body temperature of people entering the company is measured to ensure that everyone has a safe and healthy working environment. The speed of action, the temperature of humanity, and the intensity of work make every employee of the company truly feel the company's dedicated service and harvest full of happiness.



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