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All 6 PE pipe production lines of Anyuan Pipeline Company were successful in trial production

Since the key project of Anyuan Pipeline Company-the polyethylene PE gas pipe technological transformation project was approved and officially launched in August 2018, the company has worked together to overcome all difficulties, seize time and rush to progress, and fully promote the project construction. Recently, the six production lines of the project have been successfully trial-produced.

The most difficult thing is to compress the time of each link

According to the original plan, the completion time of the PE gas pipe project was the end of June. The company considered market factors and decided to complete the start-up trial production by the end of May ahead of schedule. "Advancing the expected time requires us to overcome many problems. We must communicate and coordinate with equipment suppliers, construction units, and various internal departments of the company. The most difficult thing is to find ways to reduce time in all aspects." The company Chief Engineer Liu Hong said. In particular, the delivery and installation period of the equipment and the formulation of the feasibility report, if any of the intermediate links are delayed, it will affect the entire project schedule. The origin of the dehumidification and drying equipment and the core components of the production line is Germany. After the purchase contract is signed, according to the delivery process, the production line equipment should be delivered on April 18 during the normal delivery period, and the dehumidification and drying equipment should be delivered on May 15. Therefore, the equipment department tracks the equipment processing progress every 10 days, communicates and coordinates with the manufacturers to speed up the delivery progress. Finally, the dehumidification and drying system mainframe and production line equipment were delivered on April 12, and the manufacturer’s installers arrived at the company on April 19 to guide the installation. The entire start-up trial production time was also nearly a month earlier than the adjusted time.

The most important thing is to ensure personnel safety and work orderly

During the preliminary demonstration period of the project, Liu Hong led relevant personnel in technology, production, equipment, and logistics to inspect the manufacturers and equipment manufacturers, and worked out a feasibility report. In the early stage of production line installation, civil construction, infrastructure construction, warehouse management, ground installation, yard truss truck, water pump room installation, etc. are carried out at the same time, and the company's technical personnel, production personnel, maintenance personnel, logistics personnel, and various manufacturers work together. The whole project has a lot of work to promote, and all departments need to coordinate and communicate with each other to ensure personnel safety and work orderly. And all of this, they have done it.

The most cumbersome is the hot compress process of connecting the newly extruded plastic to the traction tube

Under normal circumstances, the factory installation and commissioning schedule is one month. Overcoming the difficulties of multiple tasks and tight personnel, the production workshop transferred 8 business backbones and technical departments from the operators and maintenance personnel to complete the equipment installation and commissioning. They worked hard, worked overtime, and completed the installation and commissioning work more than half a month in advance. In the test machine stage, the plastic extrusion needs to be pulled out by the tractor. When the machine is newly started, if the hot plastic is attached to the cold tube, it will not be connected. Therefore, to connect the newly extruded plastic to the traction tube, the most important thing is to master the connection temperature. This is a seemingly simple but tedious task. According to the project schedule, it is necessary to complete the test of various specifications of pipelines on a production line within one day. They basically leave work at 7 or 8 pm every day.

The biggest adjustment is the private customized DN450 production line

In order to obtain qualifications for the production and installation of gas pipes, the company's certification team needs to prepare preliminary materials and organize resources. It is commonplace to work overtime until 12 o'clock in the evening. The A1 production qualification of the gas pipe industry requires the product specification to reach DN450 or higher. The manufacturer recommends purchasing the DN630 production line. Due to the high cost of purchasing equipment and the low demand for DN630 in the market, the technical department communicates with the manufacturer to customize the DN450 production line. The tractors, cutting saws, vacuum boxes, and cooling water tanks of the production equipment have also been adjusted in design. After the formal production, the company will be able to sell PE gas pipes of various specifications of DN20-DN450.

For more than 200 days and nights, Anyuan Pipeline Company’s vast cadres are like this, facing difficulties and not shrinking, working hard and achieving results, enabling the company to take a solid step along the new journey of expansion and improvement, innovation and development, and bigger and stronger. One step.



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