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Wu Peinan visits and condolences Chen Jianyun, the
On February 8, Wu Peinan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Pingkuang Group, made a special trip to Anyuan Pipeline Company to visit and condolences to Chen Jianyun, a "patent expert" who has won various awards and enjoyed special allowances from the provincial government.
"Jianyun, talents like you are the precious wealth of our Pingkuang Group. The Spring Festival is coming, I will pay you an early greeting. Thank you for your contributions to Pingkuang Group and Anyuan Pipeline Company in technological innovation over the years. The role of example and demonstration and leading role of Pingkuang Group has also set a benchmark for the next high-quality development of Pingkuang Group." Wu Peinan and Chen Jianyun talked cordially and said to him with earnestness, "I hope you will continue to carry forward, be active, innovate, and overcome difficulties. The spirit of upholding and dedication, play the role of "passing, helping and leading" well, inject passion for the development of the enterprise, and promote and lead some young people to catch up with the pace of enterprise innovation. I believe that as long as each of our employees is based on their own duties and footholds Position, explore and research around innovation and development, the development of the enterprise will surely be stable and far-reaching."
Wu Peinan said that innovation is the basic connotation of the new development concept and the basic requirement for high-quality development. It is necessary to adhere to the core position of innovation in the overall corporate strategy. Anyuan Pipeline Company must seize favorable opportunities to accelerate the establishment of a national technology research center. Efforts will be made to upgrade the R&D platform and R&D capabilities; at the same time, it is necessary to actively promote mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and cooperation, and the construction of processing sites in different places, accelerate the establishment of pipe fitting processing centers, further extend and optimize the industrial chain, and rapidly increase the total economic volume and profit increase of the enterprise. Enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities, further enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise, and lay a solid foundation for the reform, transformation and high-quality development of Pingkuang Group.
 Chen Jianyun has been engaged in pipeline technology for 16 years. He adheres to the original intention of "craftsman", never stops learning and researching, and constantly breaks through technical problems. He is the inventor of 69 patents and has filled many gaps in the domestic pipeline industry. Chen Jianyun has also won many "heavyweight" honors for this: Jiangxi Province Enterprise Intellectual Property Work Advanced Individual, Jiangxi Province Fifth "Able Craftsman", and was awarded the Pingxiang City Chen Jianyun Steel-plastic Composite Pipe Manufacturing Skills Master Studio, and also enjoy the provincial Special government allowance.



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