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Craftsman spirit writing responsibility-remember the maintenance team of Anyuan pipeline production workshop
"Director Shi, the mold hole of the injection molding machine is blocked. Look, it must be repaired now, otherwise it will affect the production!"
 "Director Shi, there is a problem with the suspension hook chain and it needs to be dealt with immediately. What should I do?"
The reporter saw at the site of Anyuan Pipeline Company that the workers of the maintenance team can be seen on the steel frame plastic composite pipe production line or the PE pipe production line.
There are 24 maintenance teams in the Anyuan pipeline production workshop, 13 of whom are party members. They are responsible for the daily maintenance and repair of the company’s 4 production workshops, 25 production lines, 32 equipment, and all water and electricity lines. Most of the mechanical equipment has been serviced 17 year. The entire team has always adhered to the management policy of “regular inspection, timely repairs, and in-place maintenance”. Since 2020, it has organized more than 160 equipment inspections, more than 40 emergency repairs, and replaced more than 210 sets of molds of various specifications. There was no second-class electromechanical equipment throughout the year. Accidents and accidents with minor injuries and above have made positive contributions to the company’s production safety and cost-saving. It has been unanimously praised by the company and fully affirmed by the superior organization. It has been awarded the "Worker Pioneer" by the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions for two consecutive years. "Honorary title," he also won the title of Excellent Team in the "Ankang Cup" Contest of the Provincial Federation of Trade Unions, and recently won the title of "Top Ten Teams" of Jiangtou Group in 2020.
   Most of the equipment in the steel frame workshop and pipe fitting workshop of the company has been in use for a long time. To maintain normal production and operation, you must pay double the effort, and the maintenance of the equipment is the most important thing. The team adheres to the combination of daily maintenance and special maintenance, does not delay or owes, equipment charters to individuals, and implements special-person management and target assessment; it does not depend on maintenance, increases maintenance efforts, and continuously conducts technical training and experience exchanges to improve Maintenance level. The reducers of No. 2 and No. 6 straight pipeline tractors in the steel skeleton workshop were damaged due to heavy load. Sometimes two units were replaced a day. The maintenance crew looked at it and was anxious, and determined to carry out technical transformation of the reducer. Team leader Shi Qiuping led everyone to dismantle the damaged reducer. The whole group of employees used the rest time to read various materials. After 3 consecutive days of overtime work, they came up with a technical transformation plan, which prolonged the life of the reducer. This alone is for the company. Save more than 20,000 yuan. When the equipment breaks down and needs to be repaired urgently, the team promotes the spirit of continuous combat, "Never work on the day overnight, never push your own work to others, and never push the night shift work to the day shift." Such as extruder, vacuum system, filter system, if the product quality is unstable when the product is over 200 kilometers, the maintenance and repair will be carried out immediately to ensure the normal operation of the production and the stability of the product quality.
   In 2019, Anyuan Pipeline Company introduced a new PE pipe production line in order to seize a larger market share. Since the main production line equipment is imported from abroad, there is basically no domestic experience to learn from. Most of the PE pipe production line has English manuals and English signs. This is undoubtedly a huge challenge for all the maintenance staff. Under the leadership of team leader Shi Qiuping, everyone took an English dictionary and took notes while Baidu, and recorded the content and questions that they didn't understand. If they didn't understand, everyone should study together and stay in the workshop 24 hours a day. At the same time, consult the factory experts and technicians humbly, and consult with the factory personnel when you encounter difficult and miscellaneous diseases, and quickly grasp the basic performance, working principle, and operation methods of the equipment. Find out a set of effective methods to quickly find and deal with faults. After less than three months of intense struggle, the maintenance team completed the installation and commissioning of 4 imported PE lines and 5 domestic PE lines in the PE workshop ahead of time, and won the order as hoped, which was unanimously approved by the company's leaders.
When a reporter asked them: "Maintenance work is just auxiliary work. Where can your enthusiasm for work last so long and keep improving?" Liao Hui, a staff member of the team, said: "Some people repeat one thing for several months, one or two years. , It will be extremely bored, but our team really loves this job, and treats every piece of equipment that needs to be maintained and repaired as a work of art, even if it is as small as a screw, the workers in our team must strive Do our best, and if repairs and maintenance are done, it will reduce the impact on production and save the company a lot of unnecessary expenses. We also have a sense of accomplishment."
The team also pays great attention to personnel training. It regularly conducts team training, technical competitions, and maintenance skills competitions to improve everyone's professional skills and ability to deal with emergencies. Last year alone, it carried out more than 50 safety and business trainings and completed technical transformations. More than 20 items. Especially in October 2020, in the "Skills Competition" organized by Pingkuang Group, it won the first, second and third place in electrical engineering project and the second and third place in fitter project in one fell swoop.
  In terms of safety management, the maintenance team is also constantly working hard. In the past three years, the team has not had a Class II equipment accident or human safety accident, which has ensured the normal operation of production equipment.
  From a piece of equipment to every detail that needs to be repaired, all are demanding perfection. This is the common goal of this team member; it is the duty and mission of this team member to control all details and predict all possible problems. This mission is a kind of perseverance carved in the bones. They interpret the true craftsmanship with their rigorous style, and write the responsibility of loving their jobs and striving for excellence.



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